ANOTHER Thailand Soccer Jersey Haul, The BEST quality 1:1 (New GIVEAWAY & WINNER!)

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Seller Site:
Seller Instagram: @fofoshop_jersey
Seller Whatsapp: +8613539936065

(*************HOW TO ORDER***************)

I know, a lot of the problems come with the languange barrier.

You can create a cart on the website but you will not be able to complete a transaction directly there. atleast not yet.
(still under development.)

If you have an instagram or Whatsapp you’d have a good way to explain in a message what your order is.

For example. «My order is Liverpool 2021 Home Jersey.»

He’ll make a posting on aliexpress for you to follow through to pay there.

again, the website lacks a payment processing system which is why he redirects buyers to aliexpress for payments.

A hassle, I know.

For an easier purchase:
Reach out to him on his WhatsApp or instagram @fofoshop_jersey and have him send you the aliexpress payment link and discuss shipping info for your buy.

(Heads up. The posting he will direct you to pay will not show jerseys or anything like that. It’s just a dummy listing for the payment to be succesful.)

(***I’m very much only a middleman, and present the jerseys as they come from the seller as proof that they are indeed what he sells. Any further details or issues are to be discussed with the seller.***)

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