All the 74 FOOTBALL SHIRTS I bought in 2022!

In this video, I’m showing you all the 74 football shirts I bought in 2022!
This video is kinda long, so here are some highlights:
2:38 Rare Tottenham shirt
6:17 Juventus Humanrace shirt
7:51 Italy 2020 Renaissance shirt
9:03 Real Madrid 15/16 away Ronaldo long sleeve
10:36 Argentina 2021 home Copa America Messi
12:55 Real Madrid 16/17 away Bale long sleeve
14:55 Inter 21/22 away Dragon
18:05 Barcelona 15/16 third full patch
18:45 Juventus 15/16 away
23:37 All of the 74 shirts I bought in 2022

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