$1,000+ soccer jersey collection part 1

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18 replies on “$1,000+ soccer jersey collection part 1”

Dont know if id print names on them even if they are stadium versions and thus not as much as player issued versions.might be better to test the market and see then before printing them.

Awesome collection man.
People like us have a passion for collecting jerseys. It means more than just a price tag. It’s about beauty and design and most of all the memories made. Hope to have my collections like yours soon, brother!

Dope collection bro I have zero jerseys lol I randomly got into them n want one cus I seen Messi wit da solar red Qatar jersey. I like da one you’re wearing black n gold n I didn’t kno NB made soccer jerseys too. I don’t kno shit bout anythin soccer cus I don’t watch it. Best places to buy soccer jerseys?

Question I’m size 3xl you think I can fit into a 3xl soccer jersey or do they run small?

The chivas home puma one is from 2017-18 wich they won the concacaf champions league, the red one is away but from 2019-20 …. the reebok home is from 2007 and the blue one is the away from 2006 when they won the league championship! Nice collection bro….im also thinking of starting a YouTube channel….nice video….where are you from by the way?

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